Energy Modeling that Saves Time and Money

Energy modeling is critical to optimizing building performance, and we know that designers and manufacturers all stress the importance of efficiency, sustainability, and saving energy. But it can also be time consuming and expensive – enter NEO.

Now in a matter of minutes you can have customized, accurate and in-depth data that can be tailored to meet your customers unique needs and changing priorities throughout a project. Because NEO is a web-based platform there is nothing to download and you get results in minutes, not hours or days.

NEO is a snap

Define Your Building

Tell NEO where your project is located and select your building type from over 40 different options, and NEO automatically pulls in the local weather file and the option to choose from multiple building energy codes. NEO provides you with a default model using standard building schedules, thermostat setpoints, plug loads and more – all derived from accepted industry standards such as ASHRAE and COMNET. Or you can select the “Enable Detailed Inputs” mode and define your building manually, by overriding the automated inputs as you see fit. You can even set different goals that may be important to the team such as the AIA 2030 challenge – NEO creates and tracks the reference and target models for you, which can be uploaded to the AIA 2030 DDx at the push of a button.

Define Your Mechanical

The choice is up to you. Select the “HVAC” mode to have NEO conduct an HVAC life-cycle analysis. In this mode you can compare up to three different HVAC systems including total and/or first cost, equipment replacement cost, utility cost, and maintenance cost – you can even enter specific project costs to dial in your analysis. Or you can select the “Rating” mode and analyze your system compared to a baseline model then apply the energy conservation measures most important to you in order to maximize your results.

Review Your Results

In the “HVAC” mode you can review in-depth results of a full life-cycle cost analysis that compares systems from multiple cost and end use streams. In the “Rating” mode review your results in a measure-by-measure view and customize a measures parameter to see how it increases your overall energy conservation. In both modes – models update automatically as you make changes – giving you results in real-time.

Explore the Building Performance

Using the “Visualizations” tab, NEO allows you to review how your building is performing on screen and choose how you would like to present the information to your customer. Use custom filters to graphically show numerous consumption, peak, and financial information. When you’re done, hit the export button and NEO creates a presentation-ready Results Report that can be downloaded in seconds. The file is in Microsoft Word so you can edit and customize the document. The export feature also includes the raw input and output simulation modeling files, and a formatted CSV file.

Powerful in its simplicity – NEO was built to eliminate the barriers of time and timing associated with traditional modeling by automating the process – making energy modeling easier, faster, and more reliable.