Net Energy Optimizer





Our team utilized the NEO Modeling Software to evaluate the building’s energy usage for LEED EAc2. NEO’s sophistication analyzes the interdependent energy calculations, yet is simple enough to allow the LEED reviewers easy insight into the parameters and assumptions that build the model. We found it to be a cost effective and time-effective option for achieving the credit.”

– Andrew Bennett, SystemWorks LLC

From conceptual design calculations to existing building energy audits – Engineers perform a number of complex calculations – often times juggling multiple software platforms in order to get the job done. NEO is specifically designed to overcome these everyday obstacles by providing one tool that can either serve a single modeling function or allowing the model to evolve from early design through construction and into operation, supporting the project from cradle to cradle.

Save time and money by performing an early analysis and delivering a professional looking report to your clients before you’ve even put pen to paper. Build on your conceptual model by dialing in design efficiencies – verifying code compliance and achieving green building rating calculations as the project progresses. Once operational, validate design decisions and realize savings through operational modeling.

With NEO you can consolidate your workflow into one tool, giving you the data you need when you need it most.

Powerful in its simplicity, NEO utilizes software automation to help create an in-depth whole building energy model that your entire team can perform. With the Rating Analysis you can help your clients quickly realize the energy, financial, and environmental goals that are most important them, with a tool that allows you to easily visualize complex problems.

Coupled with industry standard modeling and financial inputs from sources like ASHRAE, COMNET, and RS Means – NEO empowers you to  evaluate the ROI of energy conservation measures to assist with specifying, designing, and maintaining higher-performing buildings. Satisfy your company wide modeling initiative by utilizing NEO’s AIA 2030 DDx automatic upload feature and stay engaged with your client by performing code compliance and green building rating system models.

With access to hundreds of proven energy efficiency options specific to your project needs, NEO’s automation provides you a “modeler in a box” so that regardless of technical expertise, you can feel confident that you’ll have trusted data you can build on.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Properly operating and maintaining a building can be a difficult task and for many facilities, utility costs are the largest operating expense. Numerous equipment and operational factors contribute to a buildings ability to perform at its peak efficiency. NEO equips building owners and operators with the information they need to make informed decisions and take corrective actions that improve overall building performance.

Whether you’re looking to build new, renovate, or manage an existing property – NEO makes it easy to maximize performance in new and existing buildings of any type, size, or age.

With evolving construction technology, more stringent building codes, and limited resources the importance of high efficiency building equipment has never been greater. Building owners and designers are often faced with making critical energy, environmental, and financial decisions in short timelines and with minimal information. With NEO you can perform product comparisons to showcase your equipment’s custom operating characteristics, providing your customers with performance-based answers to their complex design decisions. 

Highlight the benefits of your product and provide prospective buyers with an in-depth analysis giving you an advantage over the competition.

NEO helps utility customers and their teams make more energy efficient decisions earlier in design than traditional energy modeling. Utilizing whole-building energy modeling to calculate the cost savings, payback, and available utility incentives for alternative design solutions, NEO helps you determine which energy efficiency measures yield the best return on investment for both new and retrofit applications.

Evaluate cost effective, whole-building energy efficiency options on buildings as small as 5,000 square feet.