Net Energy Optimizer




Real-Time Energy Modeling

Powerful in its simplicity, NEO delivers customized real-time energy and financial analyses for commercial buildings. Its versatility allows you to perform HVAC life-cycle cost analyses, product comparisons, energy audits for existing buildings, and model new construction from early design through construction. 


Meets your unique energy modeling needs


Powerful and straightforward in its simplicity


Get results in seconds, not in hours or days


Utilizes hundreds of industry standard data points

Construct & Maintain Higher-Performing Buildings

NEO’s automated, real-time approach provides results in seconds with the accuracy of models that can take hours or days to develop. Regardless of technical expertise, users need only basic building and mechanical system information to generate a detailed model. NEO uses vetted, industry-standard data to complete the remaining inputs, which in turn automatically builds a baseline model, referencing the user-selected ASHRAE 90.1 or IECC standard. NEO uses location services to automatically retrieve and apply the local weather file based on the building address, which coupled with the automated baseline, means you can simulate projects anywhere in the world and under any jurisdiction.

With 40+ building types, 150+ HVAC systems, 250+ operational and capital improvement measures, dozens of baseline protocols and RS Means cost data for computing ROI, NEO can serve any new or existing commercial, mixed-use or multifamily building.

Rating Analysis

HVAC Analysis

AIA 2030 Analysis

LEED Analysis

Green Globes

Code Compliance

Creating a Model

Getting started is easy. Start a model in four simple steps.

NEO is a powerful, easy-to-use online energy modeling tool that provides users with the most accurate information available, when its needed most. It helps you and your clients make faster, more informed decisions to design, construct, and maintain higher-performing buildings.


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