Customized, Real-Time Energy Modeling Data for Optimal Building Performance

NEO is a web app that takes a variety of information in about your building, and converts it to a variety of outputs. Mechanical System Floor Area Building Type INPUTS Baseline Comparison Location Annual & Monthly Energy Results Energy Use Intensity Savings OUTPUTS

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Results in Seconds, Not Hours or Days

Real-time energy analyses quickly show you the optimal path to your goals, whether you’re measuring energy use, cost savings or simple payback. Save money, and get it right the first time.

Screenshot of NEO results

Validated Data, Decades of Experience

NEO is a standardized energy-model builder that uses data points collected over decades of design work. This experience gives you access to hundreds of proven energy-efficiency options specific to your project needs. You can compare, contrast and make more informed decisions knowing you have relevant information for your project.

Graph showing that NEO beats eQuest in typical electrical savings modelled.

Powerful in its Simplicity

NEO provides energy optimization with a clear user interface, making it easy for anyone on the team to analyze performance in new and existing buildings of nearly any type, size or age.

A screenshot of the basic NEO building definition screen.

Dual-Analysis Mode


Quickly and easily set up and compare multiple mechanical systems for your project, including a full life-cycle cost analysis.


Quickly compare your design to a baseline of either the energy code or your existing building. Experiment in real time with design trade-offs.

This was the first training I ever went to where I felt that I could use the tool the next day.

Alec Phillips, Lockheed Martin Energy

Get the Data You Need, When You Need it

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