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These training videos walk through the process from initial set up in the Project Navigator to viewing results of an HVAC or Rating analyses. The videos provide an overview of defining Building details and setting up HVAC systems within one or multiple scenarios. Details are provided on how to make customizations at both the Building and HVAC level. Users can use these videos as initial training or quick refreshers when using NEO.

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NEO OverviewProvides an overview of NEO, detailing navigation through the Building, HVAC, and Comparison or Rating tabs. 

Getting StartedProvides details on setting up Buildings, Projects, and Analyses in the Project Navigator.

Navigating NEOGives an overview of the NEO User Interface, including NEO menus, Help, and basic navigation.

Defining a Building – Shows how to define a building in NEO and covers basic building definition and detailed inputs.

What is a Space Area AssetDescribes a Space Asset Area and how they are used to define the programmatic functions within a building.

Defining Space Asset Areas – Details how to add, edit basic characteristics and remove a Space Asset Areas in an analysis.

Modifying Space Asset Area Details – Shows how to customize Space Asset Areas by modifying the areas details.

Specifying Kitchen EquipmentProvides an overview on adding specific commercial equipment within a Kitchen Space Asset Area.

HVAC OverviewDefines the basic HVAC inputs and how to add HVAC Scenarios to an analysis.

Defining Central Plant EquipmentShows how to set up central plant equipment in NEO, including service water heating, heating plant, cooling plant, water to air heat pump plant and dedicated outside air system equipment.

Defining HVAC SystemsShows how to define HVAC systems in NEO and how to assign Space Asset areas to HVAC systems.

FinancialsFinancials are available in HVAC analyses, and this video provided details on general and system level inputs for the life cycle cost analysis.

HVAC Comparison Resultsthe Comparison tab is available in HVAC analyses, and this video provides an overview of the life cycle cost analysis and other charts that are available.

Adding and Removing MeasuresThe Rating tab is available in Rating Analyses, and this video details how to add strategies to an analysis to calculate savings. Note: NEO v3.5 included an update of the Rating User Interface, not included in the current video.

Product Library Tutorial – Quickly and easily select and compare up to three HVAC products using a lifecycle cost analysis to help your customers identify their best options.


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