The Data You Need, When You Need It Most

Managing multiple energy modeling platforms is time consuming, costly, and can confuse customers. NEO Net Energy Optimizer® provides customized, real-time energy and financial return on investment analyses in minutes. NEO expands on the traditional energy modeling platform to leverage automation and industry-standard inputs while providing you with the versatility to model more than 40 different building types and over 150 unique HVAC systems. Whether your project is new or existing construction let NEO do the work for you.

The Right Data

Data entry errors are a thing of the past: NEO supports your new construction project by using vetted, industry-standard inputs to automatically create your whole building model. The software references the user-selected ASHRAE 90.1 or IECC standard from an available codes library, which spans across multiple years – this allows you to simulate projects virtually anywhere in the world and under any jurisdiction. Users define the building location, architectural, electrical, and HVAC characteristics specific to the project – then NEO uses location services to automatically retrieve and apply the local weather file based on the building address – it creates the baseline automatically and simulates hundreds of energy  conservation measures specific to your project. With NEO’s automated modeling approach – you can feel confident that you’re getting validated results in minutes with the accuracy of models that can take hours or days to develop.

Choose from a number of different baseline energy standards to model your project virtually anywhere in the world and under any jurisdiction.

The Right Time

Watch your model evolve: For customers, consistency and timing matter – with NEO you can quickly and easily bring forward a design model and convert it into an existing building model. The user can simply select “Existing Building” for the construction type and NEO will automatically create an existing building baseline for comparison in minutes. If you have it – you can even customize the model by adding utility bill information and updating the operational conditions to dial in the model. These automated features allow owners to confirm the energy savings that were forecast in design and validate the decisions that were made to achieve those savings, while also increasing the efficiency for the NEO user by ensuring consistent results and reducing the amount time and cost required to perform an analysis. Because the model evolves with the project, it provides the versatility needed to meet and exceed the many unique modeling challenges for designers, manufacturers, and operators within the industry.

Perform an audit of an existing facility and customize the model to align with existing utility bill data.

The Right Results

You can’t manage what you don’t measure: Stakeholders are often faced with making critical energy, environmental and financial decisions in short timelines with minimal information. With evolving construction technology, more stringent building codes and limited project resources, the impact of these decisions continues to grow. NEO helps drive increased efficiency, reduces dependency on fossil fuels, and promotes new technologies by giving stakeholders performance based answers to their complex product selection, building audit or new construction design decisions. NEO provides the hard data needed to prove the energy, environmental and financial value of the decision at hand; helping overcome the potential sticker-shock of a new technology or influencing a team to move away from “doing it how it’s always been done.” As the NEO user becomes a more educated consumer, supplier or consultant, a circular feedback loop influences: designers to build more efficient buildings; operators to run them optimally; and equipment manufacturers to build more efficient systems to meet market demand.

NEO’s validated results help designers, owners, and manufactures make faster more informed decisions so they can construct and maintain higher-performing buildings.

NEO Net Energy Optimizer® helps stakeholders to make faster, more informed decisions with trusted data you can build on.