Code Compliance Analysis

Building energy codes are a set of requirements that outline the minimum level of design standards to properly construct and operate a building throughout its lifetime. Energy codes are developed to inform the design of a building, so their timing is critical to a building’s overall efficiency, operation, and investment value.

Some equipment can be replaced and operational parameters optimized once a building is in use, however to minimize the cost and maximize the performance its best to make design and operational decisions during the design phases.

Automated energy modeling significantly reduces the design time and cost, while also eliminating the guesswork from the decision-making process. The result is a balance of cost effectiveness and energy efficiency.

Investment vs. Performance

Designing a building, managing the budget, and determining if the building is code compliant is complex to say the least. In addition, designers are tasked with needing to understand the many different energy codes and accurately translate them to an energy model. But what if doesn’t have to be so difficult?

With NEO, you don’t have to be an expert at everything—anyone on your team can run a powerful energy analysis that models, automates, and evaluates numerous ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC baselines and hundreds of design options in seconds. As you build your model, NEO lets you see —in real-time—how each design option effects cost, efficiency, and compliance.

Automated code compliance modeling makes it easy and saves you and your clients time and money. Reducing design modeling time by 100–150 hours can save thousands on design costs and buildings modeled in NEO typically see savings of 30% beyond code. The result is millions in utility cost savings over your building’s lifetime.

Compliance Reporting

NEO’s automated Results Report functionality now includes a Code Compliance appendix. Similar to the AIA 2030 and LEED appendix—you can download this report in Microsoft Word already formatted and ready to deliver. NEO appends the Code Compliance section to the back of the report and automatically populates the appendix to include the baseline and design building characteristics, energy, fuel types, and cost summary.

And true to all NEO functions our newest addition, adheres to our basic tenets:

■ Versatile: Seven automated ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC baselines to choose from.
■ Validated: Hundreds of proven energy efficiency options for comparison.
■ Fast: Run your model and Code Compliance Report in seconds, not hours or days.
■ Easy: Anyone on your team has the capability to perform a Code Compliance analysis.

Use our Code Compliance Reporting functionality on its own, or pair it with AIA 2030 and LEED functionality, the possibilities (and savings) are endless.