Powerful in Its Simplicity – NEO Makes It Easy to Maximize a Buildings Performance

1. Everyone wants to save money. Energy Comparison

High performance buildings are good for the environment, but the upfront costs often cause sticker shock. It’s hard to visualize how equipment choices that appear to be more expensive will in the long run save money. In addition to cost, building design and renovations are complex processes with multiple stakeholders that each have their own priorities. NEO helps stakeholders realize opportunity by allowing them to virtually swap out equipment in real-time. This provides them the opportunity to easily see how each equipment selection impacts short- and long-term energy use and costs.


2. Every project is unique.

When energy modeling is implemented early in the design phase, stakeholders can compare multiple HVAC systems side by side. NEO allows users to customize their energy model for a project’s location, square footage, ceiling height, and occupancy among many other unique variables. The simulation engine calculates the overall energy savings, and accounts for the interactions between systems such as lighting and air-conditioning, or window-to-wall ratio and heating. Users then see the true impact that a strategy has for their unique facility and can simply select a system that is inherently more energy-efficient, or less-efficient while investing in optional add-ons to boost performance.

Energy Savings

3. Projects change – even simple projects.

Changes between the original and final designs? No problem. Perhaps the owner wants to condition a space that was previously designed to be unconditioned. Or a project budget adjustment requires the design team to reevaluate equipment selections. Having a NEO energy model at the ready makes it quick and easy to determine which adjustments will minimize the impact on long-term savings and meet project goals.


NEO Net Energy Optimizer® is a powerful, easy-to-use online energy modeling tool that empowers stakeholders with the most accurate data available, when it’s needed most.