NEO’s New Schedule of Units/Product Library

Let NEO Help You Understand How Life Cycle Cost Analysis Can Save Money and Energy

Performing a life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) lets you show your customers the total ownership costs associated with a system. LCCA lets you compare two (or more) systems to determine which is most cost effective over a given time. For example, the initial cost might be high, but the savings in energy cost more than makes up for it over the lifetime of the product. Conversely the initial cost may be lower, but the equipment results in significant energy costs and increased replacement cost due to a shorter lifespan, resulting in increased costs over the systems’ lifetime.

NEO’s LCCA gives you the ability to create accurate and comprehensive views of systems and products by calculating the total ownership cost of HVAC systems including the cost to buy, maintain and run the system for its full life. For both new construction and existing buildings enter your equipment quantity, cooling and heating efficiencies, fan details, and let NEO handle the rest. NEO creates a total building LCCA based on your selected systems using local utility rates to provide the most accurate estimates possible.

With NEO, LCCA is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

As a building designer, you can create a schedule for existing units and/or a schedule for a new potential system designs and show customers the total costs of their decision over the life of their equipment. As a manufacturer, you can create full product line libraries and use the Schedule of Units to show customers the comprehensive costs and savings for each product line.

Step 1

You enter your Schedule of Units line by line including system specifics and build a Schedule of Units via the System Schedule Editor.

Step 2

You customize your schedule, and click Apply and Close, and NEO calculates your simulation inputs for you. You can enter the existing equipment details or actual product line information from proposed designs including the number of units and unit characteristics, so your customers see the LCCA of each system in minutes.

Step 3

NEO’s LCCA identifies what systems will cost over a given life cycle and can helping your clients budget for maintenance and equipment replacement. You can run and re-run different scenarios to show customers how different unit configurations affect the LCCA and how they can maximize return on investment.

Coming Soon…

The upcoming NEO LEED widget will allow users to determine the LEED point estimates within the NEO interface.